forgot to set my alarm…

It’s been a while, hasn’t it?

Tomorrow never turns up when you have things planned for it, it always jumps another day ahead!

So what’s happened in the last few months?

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escape from city 17

This is awesome! It’s a short fan-made film following some resistance fighters as they escape from City 17; the setting for Half-Life 2. If you’ve played the game you’ll see how well they’ve managed to capture the oppressive feeling of the place and the actual visual style is bang-on, something Hollywood would never be able to match. If you haven’t played the game, it should easily stand up on its own merit.

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So I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon and get my own Twitter. Call me a lemming if you want, but it’s best to adopt these things fairly early on to ensure you get a good seat to watch the inevitable crashing-and-burning-into-internet-obscurity of the thing in all its magnificence, if you ask me!

At least you can all check I’m still alive between posts using this thing. Well, as long as I update Twitter a bit more than I do here..


02/02/2009 8:50am

York under snow.

York 's first major snow-storm.


They say a picture paints a thousand words… so I’d best shut up then!


the battle of yonkers

Concept art for 'World War Z'

Concept art for 'World War Z' by Daniel LuVisi

It may come as no surprise that I enjoy my zombie-related media; books, games, movies and even board games; the book World War Z is no exception!  The fantastic artwork above got its creator a job working on the film adaptation and is making the rounds on the internet at the moment, seems the image was first discovered on io9 but soon snapped up by Worst Previews and SlashFilm among others.

More after the cut.

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What I’ve been upto:

  1. Writing the first draft of a short-script (using Celtx).
  2. Updating my CV.
  3. Buying boardgames (Android, Twilight Struggle).
  4. Re-discovered Kingdom of Loathing.
  5. Discovered NationStates 2. (Based upon Jennifer Government by Max Barry, but I’m realising it’s not as good as the original NationStates.)
  6. Enjoying a visit from my parents.

Apologies for the lack of recent content. I’m aiming at writing a post here each day (at least while my hours at work are low) but I’m yet to settle into a routine. Still, it’s early days, yet!

Finally, it’s nice to know there is still some mystery left in the world: Bloop.


a carnival? in january? brrrr!

We’ve had our first mention for this site over at Prosody.co.uk by Mr. Newton, whose site I’ve added to my blogroll. It’s a chilly carnival this month, but there’s lots to see, so check it out!

Whilst technically not a video game-only blog, any publicity for the Paradigm is welcome!

Cheers, dude!